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Loekkes Machine Factory - John Deere OEM

”LØKKE is a modern and high-tech machine factory that today produces in-store drying plants for grain and seeds. We are by far the largest supplier of in-store drying plant to Danish agriculture”

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Loekkes Machine Factory - Introduction

  • Funded in 1960
  • Ventilation of grain
  • Largest supplier of in-store drying plant to Danish agriculture
  • Customers unsatisfied with previous solution they had Almost gave up on the diesel engine drying-solution
  • Primarily Used Engine: John Deere 6068
  • Customer specific solution

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Product example

The fan comes with a 6.8 liter, 6 cyl., 129 kW John Deere turbodiesel engine. It has a consumption of approx. 22 liters diesel / hour at max. air volume. provides up to 125,000 m3 of air The air volume can be regulated with the engine speed.

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Power Solution - West Diesel

  • Automatic start if room is too humid.
  • Incremental start-up necessary - West Diesel electrical solution
  • Easy usability with control unit (Comap)
  • Manual or automatic use
  • West Diesel developed electrical solution
  • GSPU Engine – John Deere Cooling

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Loekkes Machines factory priorities:

  • Reliable solution
  • Easy for the customer to use
  • Minimal maintenance and downtime
  • Innovative custom solution to fit their market

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Ville Jalasjoki

Area Sales Manager (Finland/Estonia)

[email protected]
+358 40 195 6887