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Marine cranes for ships and offshore

Heila Marine Cranes, a leading supplier of marine and offshore lifting solutions. Heila specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality marine cranes including straight arm, telescopic, fully folding, marine knuckle boom and offshore cranes.

Heila Marine Cranes for many purposes

West Diesel supplies cranes in collaboration with Heila Cranes SpA in Italy. The cranes are specially designed and manufactured for marine and offshore applications. The cranes are manufactured for ships and quay installations as well as for offshore installations - all places where safety is paramount. All faucets are customized, designed and manufactured according to the customer's needs and application. Marine crane for almost all purposes. At West Diesel you can ensure the highest quality in marine cranes.

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Heila Marine Cranes: A safe choice

As standard, the cranes are developed, designed and manufactured to be able to meet the harsh conditions at sea, e.g. different sea wave heights (seastate). The cranes are produced to be able to function on ships, wharves, drilling rigs, production platforms and wind farms. All our cranes can be supplied fully certified by all recognized classification agencies

Our well-trained highly qualified staff have the opportunity to support the installation and service of these marine cranes at the customer. This service does not stop after the purchase, as we naturally provide a high level of service on all our cranes in terms of service, repairs and spare parts.

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Straight Arm & Telescopic Marine Crane

Straight arm marine crane
Our straight arm cranes work well in an environment where it deals with cargo handling and servicing on ships and offshore platforms, where there is plenty of space. The advantage of these straight arm cranes is that the price and maintenance are less, because there is no possibility of hydraulic extension and folding functions.

Telescopic marine crane
West Diesel also offers telescopic marine cranes, which are quite a bit more flexible than our straight arm cranes. The flexibility consists in the fact that they can be hydraulically extended and shortened without a bending function. The telescopic cranes are available both in smaller models with swivel cylinders and in larger models with swivel rings.

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Full Collapsible Telescopic & Knockleboom Marine Crane

In contrast to our straight arm cranes, fully foldable telescopic cranes require significantly less space and are very flexible in the working area. In this way, you can acquire a marine crane that provides maximum performance under many different operating conditions.

Our articulated jib marine cranes are suitable for offshore vessels and installations with a lot of deck space, their compact design significantly increases the working area and enables lifting close to the crane better than alternative cranes.

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Offshore cranes

We know that there can be extreme conditions in the offshore industry, therefore our offshore cranes are basically 100% adapted to the customer's needs right from the design phase.

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If you are interested in learning more about Heila Marine Cranes or have any questions about our products, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and provide you with detailed information on our range of Heila marine cranes.

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Ville Jalasjoki

Country Manager (Finland)

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+358 40 195 6887