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Telescopic crane

Heila Marine Cranes also offers a range of telescopic cranes for marine applications. These cranes feature a telescopic boom that can extend to various lengths, allowing them to reach greater distances than straight arm cranes.

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The Heila cranes combine design, safety and high reliability

Telescopic crane

Heila Marine Cranes' telescopic cranes offer a flexible, compact and safe solution for marine lifting applications. Their ability to extend and retract the boom, combined with their impressive lifting capacity, make them a top choice for many professionals in the marine industry. Telescopic cranes can be hydraulically extended and shortened without a kink function. These cranes should always be used with a winch. 2 types: Heila's HM type are small cranes with rotating cylinders.
Heila's HMR type are larger cranes with swivel heads.

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Teleskopkraner: Kompakt og Høj kvalitet

One of the primary advantages of telescopic cranes is their flexibility. They can be used in a wide range of marine applications, from loading and unloading cargo to installing offshore structures. Their ability to extend and retract the boom makes them ideal for handling different types of cargo and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Another advantage of telescopic cranes is their compact size. They are designed to be light and easy to transport, making them ideal for use on smaller vessels and in tight spaces. Despite their smaller size, they still offer an impressive lifting capacity.

Telescopic cranes from Heila Marine Cranes are also designed with safety in mind. They have advanced safety systems, including load monitoring systems and automatic overload protection, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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